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Vastu Fishes

August 12 2021

The vastu fish, the official mascot of vastu shastra, is a popular and auspicious design used for centuries in Hindu temples and homes. These vibrant decorative fish sculptures are attractive additions to any home or office environment. Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, our extensive collection is crafted by some of the leading artisans in India and Nepal, and ranges from classic wall hangings to innovative high-end metal religious statues. Our vastu fish can be used as an attractive conversation piece or decorative accessory, especially near your main entrance.

A few drops a day of our food-grade herbal essences to your fish tank or pond can significantly improve water clarity, longevity and vitality, fertility and growth patterns of underwater life, and provide a safer, healthier environment for your garden pond. In addition to the regular consumption of our powerful nutritional essences, we recommend using your garden pond as a classroom for learning about the interdependence of all living things.

Vastu Fish company is an established company which deals in Vastu Shilpa. Vastu Shilpa is the art of making terracotta fishes, which are used in Indian homes, temples for installing for vastu purposes. Vastu fishes are made in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Our products are available online or can be shipped worldwide to that place where you are living.


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